On-Line Court Scheduling

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VFMRC - Scheduling Process

Court Reservation Process

  1. A court may be reserved using the online reservation system . Each member may have only ONE (1) future court reservation in the system at a time.
  2. List all the players in the party to reserve a court, including your guest/s.
  3. Guest must be registered by sending email with guest's contact info (name, email, phone) to vfmracquetclub@gmail.com.
  4. Host member must pay for guest fees from the Booking Details screen using any Credit Card oe eCheck.
  5. Please cancel a reservation if you cannot play at your reserved time.
  6. Courts will be held for only ten (10) minutes after a reserved time.

Please keep in mind:

  • If players are unable to use contract courts, they should be released ASAP through the online booking system. Be considerate of others!
  • The VFMRC board reservation takes precedent over "walk-on" play in progress. 
  • Questions, complaints, or suggestions about the court reservation process 
    may be sent to Louis Patitucci  vfmracquetclub@gmail.com
  • If a complaint about a court reservation is submitted without the names of all involved parties, no action can be taken.

VFMRC Group Scheduling Process 
Pre-booking of courts is deprecated. It's reserved only for official matches of the club teams.

In some cases the board may book a court or 2 or more weeks. This does not apply to teams.

  • Must represent at least 12 members (no non-members!)
  • Maximum of two courts may be pre-booked. Group members cannot use other court/s concurrently with the group's reserved timeslot.
  • Submit your request to the Board at vfmracquetclub@gmail.com
  • Board to respond within 2 weeksReview the Court Booking Rules on the Bulletin Board of the reservation website