Membership - 2024

Membership is open to all residents of Valley Forge Mountain and neighboring communities.

To maintain the highest quality of service to its members the club limits the number of active members.

Waiting List:

  1. Only completed/signed membership applications will be considered for the VFMRC waitlist, but it does not guarantee acceptance of membership.
  2. Please contact Louis Patitucci for any questions.

(Please print this page and complete it; we do not accept online applications at this time).

Member Name:
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Other Household Names:
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[Note: The above information will be included in the Club Directory and will be available solely to Club Members for the purpose of arranging tennis matches, lessons, and clinics. Member names and identifying information will not be posted to the website without written permission.]

As a condition of membership, I release and agree to hold harmless Valley Forge Mountain Racquet Club, Inc (VFMRC) from any claim arising out of injury to myself, or any person listed above, associated with or due to the use of this facility.
Furthermore, I/We hereby submit an application for membership to Valley Forge Mountain Racquet Club and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Club.

Applicant’s Signature: ________________________________

The VFMRC Member that referred me to the club is (name): _____________________

Annual Dues - 2024: $375.00. Paid by CC, Check or Zelle at

Valley Forge Mountain Racquet Club
PO Box 114
Valley Forge, PA 19481-0114