Court Care

VFMRC is a private tennis club owned and operated by its members with volunteer work efforts. When everyone does their part, 'many hands make short work.' On this page, we describe the correct way to do some of the basic chores that make our Club look great! Some activities, such as using the drag broom and line sweeper, should be done at the end of the play, each time. Other chores, such as the use of the Aussie sweep to remove leaves and debris, or emptying the trash containers, should occur as needed! "If you see something (that needs attention), Do Something!!"

Using the Drag Brooms correctly:

After each use of the courts, players should use one (or more) drag broom(s) and line sweeper(s) to 'refresh' the court surface for the next group of players. Any 'sweep' pattern may be used over the entire play surface, both inside and outside the lines, but be mindful of ongoing play on the adjacent court if you start by dragging along the doubles 'alley.'

A common error when completing your drag broom pattern is to stop wherever you are and lift the broom directly off the cord, leaving a ridge of HarTru. Instead, plan to complete your drag pattern near the fence, and lift the broom from the court before you stop moving (avoiding the ridge).

To see a video of this technique, click here.

Using the Line Brush correctly:

With a little practice, one can tilt the line sweeper up or down so that the bristles just touch the tape while pushing it along. The brush should revolve as you move forward, sweeping the tapes clean. Too much tilt up and the brush will jam; too little tilt and the bristles will not touch or clear the tape. If the brush is not rotating at all, the springs may need to be freed by pulling forward on the brush while firmly grasping the frame.

Using the Aussie Sweep correctly:

The Aussie Sweep is a flat, plastic grid of panels, 8' x 3', with a pull cord, hanging on the East fence. To use properly, the teeth should be flush with the court on the leading edge and pulled with the cord, lifting leaves and debris off the court for removal outside the gate by shaking the debris free. (The sweep is best pulled at an angle to the tapes to avoid hooking teeth under the tapes.)

The Aussie Sweep is used to remove leaves and other debris from the court, as needed. It should NOT be used routinely after each play.

To see a video of this technique, click here.